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Alpine Ranch CrossFit started as a home based garage affiliate in 2013. It is now nestled in an amazing 2600 sq ft space inside the Viejas Outlet Center in Alpine, CA.


Alpine Ranch CrossFit is finally complete and  has grown to 2600 square feet of awesome. We have '3' wall mounted Pull Up rigs at 10', 14' & 24' in length. This allows us '6' squat stations plus '2' freestanding. '4' of the rig posts are 12' tall with Muscle Up attachments. The entire floor is wide open for safe movement and the ceilings are 18' high to allow for rope climbs and '2' additional muscle up stations.   




Alpine Ranch CrossFit is situated inside the Viejas Outlet Center. The only CrossFit facility in the nation where beautiful landscaping with cascading waterfalls surrounds you while you walk/jog/run.  


We have the ability to perform half mile and mile runs in and around the center. Willows Road itself is safe and has a wide sidewalk, which is lighted during low light hours.   


On occassion, we will travel to El Capitan High School to use their track and field. This is where we test for personal records in the 50 yard & 100 yard dash, 200M & 400M sprints, and Mile run.   





Alpine Ranch CrossFit supports our parents. Coach Chappie himself is a father. His son, Gavin, will be seen time to time in the gym. He understands and empathizes with difficult parenting schedules. Therefore, he created the Chill Zone. Equiped with soft artificial turf, bean bags chairs & TV with DVD it's a pretty cool place for the kids.  The walls are only 3' tall so you can see your little tyke while you workout.


There are rules the kids must follow and YOU are responsible for ensuring your little tyke complies or you will be politely interrupted during class to go care for them.    



"Thank you Chappie & Arlene for laying the foundation of Ohana (family)! Alpine Ranch Crossfit is more than a gym! It is where trials, tribulations, challenges, accomplishments can be worked out and celebrated! The awesome workouts, but more importantly the wonderful people are the true grit that motivates and carries you when you may be having a bad day! Chappie & Arlene have created the environment of inclusion, not exclusion!! Team work highly encouraged! I can't tell you how much I luv me some Alpine Ranch Crossfit! Thank u Coach Lisa too!"
Monique (Momo)