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Your Coaches

Chappie Hunter

Born in 1972 I am a San Diego native and a 25 year veteran of the San Diego Police Department. During these years I worked as a uniformed patrol officer while holding colateral duties in Field Training, SWAT Team and SWAT Sniper Team. In 2007 I was promoted to Detective and currently work in our Investigations Bureau.     


In 2009 I began my study of CrossFit. In 2013 I became a CrossFit Level I trainer and opened my own personal gym inside my garage. I started small by training my wife, Arlene, and her two friends. Within eight months I had fifteen clients.  Today we are capped at forty-five!


On Father’s Day 2013 I was riding my motorcycle home from a CrossFit style competition. One mile from my house a young driver of a car turned directly in front of my path. A split second later my life changed forever...I instantly lost my leg below the knee. Just twenty-one days after the accident, I was back doing CrossFit on one leg. I have trained relentlessly and adapted to all the movements of CrossFit with and without the use of my prosthetic. I could not have accomplished this without the support of my family, the CrossFit community and most assertedly the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Therefore, I have dedicated my gym to Adaptive Athletes whom I consider to be nothing less than warriors.


At Alpine Ranch CrossFit, regardless of any ailment, you are not disabled or handicap. You are an ATHLETE overcoming a setback and a champion in our hearts and mind. Adaptive athletes provide the next level of inspiration to everyone around them and I hope you as well.


As the owner and lead coach here at Alpine Ranch CrossFit I am dedicated to providing the best training to each person’s individual fitness level. You will never be forced to go beyond your limits. However, you can rest assure, I will push you to your limits. Are you ready to get after it?


  • Owner / Lead Coach @ Alpine Ranch CrossFit

  • CrossFit Level I Trainer

  • CrossFit Level II Trainer

  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting 

  • CrossFit Law Enforcement Application

  • CrossFit Scaling Course

  • Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance Member

  • The Brand X Method Kids & Teens Barbell 

  • CPR / AED Certified


Lisa Barbara

Lisa Barbara

Lisa was born and raised in San Diego, CA.   As a child and teen, Lisa was a gymnastics, soccer and running athlete.  After graduating from high school, Lisa moved to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to attend college.  In 1993, she graduated from Point Park University. 


In 1995 Lisa married and started a family.  She spent the next ten years raising her sons.  Lisa has run and finished numerous half and full marathons, to include the Boston Marathon in 2005. Lisa transitioned into the fitness realm and began working as a personal trainer at a private gym.  


Lisa was introduced to CrossFit in 2007 and instantly fell in love.  Lisa credits CrossFit with accomplishing goals she never thought possible, including becoming proficient in Olympic Lifting.  CrossFit brought Lisa's training as a young gymnast full circle.  In 2011, Lisa qualified and competed at the CrossFit Regionals in the Team Competition.  In 2014, Lisa finished 38th worldwide and 3rd in Southern California in the Master's Division of the CrossFit Open.


When asked why Lisa prefers CrossFit over other fitness programs she said, "In addition to the family and community aspect of CrossFit, I am in better shape and can do so much more than when I was spending several hours in a globo gym or hours training for a marathon."  


Lisa is passionate about CrossFit.  She has trained individuals of all ages ranging from 5 to 88 years old and assisted those recovering from injury. 

  • Coach @ Alpine Ranch CrossFit

  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • CrossFit Level I Trainer

  • CrossFit Level II Trainer

  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting 

  • CrossFit Basic Barbell 

  • CrossFit Nutrition

  • CrossFit Mobility 

Arlene Hunter

Born in 1971, Arlene grew up in San Diego. She attended college at University of California Berkeley and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  Arlene married Coach Chappie in 2007 and they have a beautiful son.   


In late 2012, Arlene began her study of CrossFit.  Arlene does not shy away from the fact she could not perform one push up nor one pull up at that time.  Within one year, Arlene PR'ed with 29 push ups and 6 strict pull ups.  She also went from 131 lbs. to a solid and healthy 118 lbs.  Now, two years into her training, she can perform over 45 push ups and 10 strict pull ups plus many other notable personal records.  She is the prime example of what you can accomplish with safe consistent physical training coupled with a balanced diet and an awesome attitude.    


In 2015 Arlene became a CrossFit Level I trainer and has a passion for providing instruction in a safe and consistent manner.  Living and studying with Coach Chappie, she also has inherited a great deal of knowledge in adaptive movement.


  • Coach @ Alpine Ranch CrossFit

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • The Brand X Method Kids Advanced Course

  • The Brand X Method Kids & Teens Barbell

  • Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance

  • CPR / AED Certified

Curtis Martin

Curtis works full time as a Border Patrol Agent. He is married to his beautiful wife and fellow ARC Member, Kristi. Curtis has trained with us since early 2016, when we were still in Coach Chappie’s garage. He earned his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification and put in a lot of extra time with us. The main things we like about about Curtis is he’s humble, willing to learn, and truly appreciates our vision and values as it relates to Safe Movement over Intensity. 

  • Coach @ Alpine Ranch CrossFit

  • CrossFit Level I Trainer

  • CPR / AED Cerified

Derek Zallar...Derek has an Associates in Science in Entrepreneurship / Small Business Management. After receiving his CFL1, he got experience coaching at a couple local CrossFit gym's in East County. In 2019, Derek began coaching with us. He also works as a Personal Trainer at Crunch Fitness. In his spare time, Derek volunteers at the Foothills Christian Church on Sunday's.

  • Coach @ Alpine Ranch CrossFit

  • Personal Trainer @ Crunch Fitness

  • CrossFit Level I Trainer

  • USAW Level 1 Trainer

  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASN: National Association of Sports Nutrition

  • CPR / AED Cerified

David Miller...Coach Miller is an International USA Weightlifting Coach with 35 years of experience, Coach Miller has produced multiple State, National and Team USA World & Pan AM athletes. He’s travelled as Coach and Team Leader on two International assignments for USA Weightlifting and supports the Olympic goals of the United States - "...bringing our country back into the international spotlight."

Coach Miller also serves both USA Weightlifting and the International Weightlifting Federation as a Category 1 Referee, the highest level. He’s an active member of NSCA as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and participates in the Special Interest Group for Weightlifting.

While competing nationally, David Miller gained his coaching education through the International Level and began, in 1997 leading USA Weightlifting Coaching Certification Courses. Twenty years ago the majority of attendees to these certifications were Collegiate Division I or NFL/MLB/NBA Strength & Conditioning Coaches. Today, more individuals and CrossFit Coaches attend his various training courses. 


Coach Miller is Fortius Weightlifting here in San Diego. We are truly fortunate to have him as our Barbell Class coach.   


  • Coach @ Alpine Ranch CrossFit

  • Owner/Lead Coach @ Fortius Weightlifting

  • USAW Sports Performance Coach 

  • East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team “Coach of the Year” (1999, 2000 & 2001)

  • Athlete – University of Maryland Weightlifting Team

  • Pan American Champion Master's Weightlifting

  • National Masters Silver Medalist 

  • American Masters Silver Medalist 

  • National Masters Silver Medalist 

Jen McGruter

Jen believes in the healing and transformation powers of mindfulness and yoga and strives to make the practice accessible to all. Jen has been practicing yoga in one form or another for about 20 years and uses this life experience to guide others. She regularly integrates the outdoors into her teachings and believes a strong connection to the Earth will not only save us, but the Earth as well. She believes in the power of women supporting one another and in the awakening of the Kundalini energy we all hold within us.


Come find your Inner Warrior!  Classes are Sunday's at 10:15 am & Tuesday's at 6:45pm. Drop-Ins are only $15.00 & a Yoga Only Membership is only $65.00 per month.  

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 hour, Yoga Alliance