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Every month Alpine Ranch CrossFit likes to shine a spotlight on one of our members.  This months spotlight is on Lindsay. To see her story click below~





"When I first started at Alpine Ranch CrossFit I could barely do ‘1’ push-up off my knees. In less than six months I did ‘27’ push-ups off my toes! I had the same issue with pull ups. I couldn’t even pull myself half way to the bar. Now I can do ‘11’ strict pull-ups without any assistance."

Elena 35y/o

"I love ARC because of the people and the workouts. The coaches are amazing and truly care. The weekly programming is awesome and has helped me to reach goals that seemed very distant before. ARC provides such a positive atmosphere, its truly a joy to come in and workout everyday."

Laura 31y/o


The companies listed below have donated time, money & equipment to not only make Alpine Ranch CrossFit possible, but awesome! Click the links below to visit their websites~

Since retiring, the thing I missed most at the PD was being around a group of hard working, motivated, friendly, sincere, serious people. Immediately after joining ARC, I recognized these qualities in the staff and in the members. ARC is an amazing bunch of really cool supportive people. This is hard to find in organizations or associations. Coach Chappie, Arlene, Lisa, Curtis, Mike & Jen are super.

Pat 63y/o

Peter Harsch Prosthetics

Peter Harsch Prosthetics

Peter Harsh Prosthetics

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